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Affordable Professional Reliable on site or off site. When it comes to professional information, advice and detailed analysis we are more than just a professional bookkeeping service; we work with you in business. APR Bookkeeping offers services  from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, Beenleigh and Logan district

Business Bookkeeping Health Check

Bookkeeping is something no company ought to ignore. As a matter of fact, it’s an area that can’t be ignored for too long without major financial repercussions. To get a sense of why this is so, we need to look at what it means to keep the books and how this works impacts the operations of a company. APR provides financial reports from the information that you provide and comprehensive analysis of those reports (in terms everyone can understand). APR will also assist you in any areas that you may have concerns about such as your cash flow and work out a solution that best suits your financial management needs.


One of the important roles of a bookkeeper is to impart information such as cash flow reports and profit reports on a regular basis and providing to the client an analysis of those reports. This will then assist the business owners in determining not only the status quo but also information in regards to future expansion and what procedures need to be undertaken for any investment opportunities or capital growth expenditure. A bookkeeper should be enquiring of the owners what sort of information they are looking for and providing specific reports relating to those requirements. For example a business that relies on cash will need to have cash reports more regularly than one that may have a large cash surplus.

Bas agent APR is a registered BAS Agent

bookkeeping gold coastWe are unlike some bookkeeping or accounting firms, where the job is considered just data entry, we work in a way that allows us to understand your business, your needs and to assist in the development and growth of your business by providing regular information on your finances, see our services page for more.We provide information to assist our clients in managing their business by providing them with the financial management tools needed on a regular basis. As part of our services we provide general bookkeeping and accounting, payroll, month end and BAS agent services. We also provide regular financial health checks and cash flow reports as required by the owners. We work with the business owners, management and staff to assist in the development and growth of their company or organisation. APR will provide regular reports based on your requirements. Our professional bookkeeping services will provide personalised attention to our clients to ensure detailed efficiency.

Choose the right bookkeeper

what should a bookkeeper provide
When looking for a “qualified bookkeeper” there are some things you should consider before taking the final step. A bookkeeper should have the following requirements to ensure that the financial recording process is accurate and tax effective for the client.
1. At least five years experience in the field of commercial bookkeeping.
2. Be a member of a professional association such as the Institute of Professional accountants or the Association of Accounting technicians.
3. Be a registered bas agent through the tax agent board, while this is not a requirement it does provide the client with the knowledge that their bookkeeper has the professional bookkeeping skills in respect to where items should be coded in regard to GST, be available to the clients when they need them and provide accurate and timely information

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