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About Us APR Bookkeeping

APR Bookkeeping was founded and launched at the beginning of 2011with the concept to assist small businesses to grow and understand the financial information that they receive. Realising how important your business is to you APR introduced extended services that go beyond general bookkeeping such as analysis of your financial reports and cash flow and individual business structure in areas that may be of concern to operate and grow successfully.

In a recent interview Sue Bruen founder of APR Bookkeeping bas agent services was ask What Makes APR Bookkeeping Exceptional? And in a reply she says this, the answer is simple, “I have seen a number of small businesses fail due to a lack of understanding in regard to their financial affairs, when I first founded APR it was with a desire to assist small businesses. We are fast becoming known as the age of bookkeeping. Because we care about your business, we offer quality professional services” and goes on to state the following.

 APR bookkeeping cares about the success of your business; this is what makes us different from all the other bookkeepers. We take the time to get to know your business. We work closely with all of our clients to gain a greater understanding of the services your business provides to develop an individual, easy to understand report of the financial aspects of your business. APR bookkeeping is paving the way for a new age of bookkeeping, with our friendly, personal, 24 hour service. With over 25 years experience all of our clients can expect professional and reliable service, communicating and explaining in simple to understand terms the reports of your financial and cash flow aspects of your business and this is why we are different and unique simply because we care about you and your business success. Getting to know the type of services professional accountable Reliable contactable. Unlike some bookkeeping or accounting firms, where the job is considered just data entry, we work in a way that allows us to understand your business, your needs and to assist in the development and growth of your business by providing regular information on your finances.

Looking back over the years it gives me a great sense pride knowing that my clients have not only survived some harsh economical times, legislative business changes and some sad tax reforms but have actually expanded and grown with a very healthy growth rate and just being part of the process is very rewarding